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Dial right through your Excel file!

Instead of uploading your list to a dialer and risk losing any data or notes; we bring the dialer to your data!

How are we different?
Watch the video on the left to find out!

Click here to download the Triple Dialer Tool to use with Dial Excel >

Only 1 account for an unlimited number of agents!

You only need one account, for an unlimited number of agents dialing your unlimited numbers.

Buy phone numbers from Twilio for $1.00 each!

Buy a number for $1.00 and pay just $0.01 per minute as you go!

Triple Dialer!

Select up to 3 numbers to be dialed simultaneously and talk to 3x more prospects per hour than using a single line auto dialer.

Take notes!

Take and keep notes in your Excel file or type them into the Dial Excel system - either way, never lose them again!

What can it do?

Dial RIGHT THROUGH your Excel file!

Leave a message

Use it as a caller ID

Call tracker included for FREE!

How does it work?

Virtual numbers are leased at $1 per month paid directly to Twilio

Activate your account at Twilio.com for the minutes then copy the SID Code
to your DialExcel account to make calls or send texts

Important! Select your virtual numbers through DialExcel.com




  • Dial through your excel file up to 5 numbers at one time
  • Bulk SMS tool with worldwide time zone restrictions
  • Call Logs and Call Recording on DialExcel.com
  • Use one number for unlimited people in your team to call at the same time.
  • Online incoming call and text tracking
  • Call forwarding or notifications to your email or cell phone
  • Full LIVE customer support M-F 9am-5pm (PST)


Bulk Custom SMS Sender


Use our Free Custom Bulk SMS sender tool to upload your list and create your texts using your virtual number selected at DialExcel!

Triple Dialer Tool


This tool is the key that unlocks the POWER of DialExcel. Download this tool to be able to dial directly from your Excel data records.

New Release!

Dial Excel Chrome Extension Now Available

  • Dial or Text any number from any web page.
  • Easy to use. Share with your team members.
  • Choose different numbers to call or text with.
  • Compatible with the Google Chrome web browser.
Give it a try today! Easy to install and setup.

Our new Chrome extension also works with Google Sheets!

Learn how to use the extension with Google Sheets:


  • Founder of AssessorsData.com offering daily updated 155,000,000 property tax records as well as nationwide daily foreclosures.
  • Morry is the Founder and CEO of SuccessorsData.com, which offers nationwide inheritance real estate property data/leads in 42,000 zip codes for realtors and investors. Over 300,000 properties we post a year sell or transfer title.
  • Founder of ProbateLeads.com offering researched probate case filings to wholesalers, investors and realtors in over 500 counties.
  • Co-founder of IQDial.com, the most economic cloud base power dialer in the market with the ability to send text and email for just $49 a month.
  • Inventor of DialExcel.com Dial through your Excel files.
  • Owner of PostcardCity.com mailing over 2,000,000 letters a year for investors, realtors and attorneys.
  • Founder of LawyersDirectMail.com connecting attorney to the heirs of estate before they file probate.
  • Founder of EasyExcelAutomation.com creating workflow productivity Excel VBA tools such as Zillow Scrubber, one column phone organizer and many others.
  • OwnerVerifier.com we clean and append to your data all the real estate fields you are missing.

Morry is the father of four children, two of which are Autistic and has two grandsons. Even though he has a busy schedule, he devotes time to helping church ministries at Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, CA and loves the LORD!

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