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Morry started his business career in Real Estate over 30 years ago. He purchased, fixed, and sold hundreds of properties in Southern California. Morry has always been passionate about research and finding ways to find more solutions to complicated problems and this is when he ventured out and formed, which offers inheritance property records to realtors and investors in 42,000 zip codes.

Morry is also the founder of, offering custom and ready made Excel VBA Tools and the co-founder of is the result of subscribers at SuccessorsData asking Morry for faster ways to reach heirs and for prospecting tools. For years customers of Successorsdata would go to, which was founded by Marc Orenberg, to append phone and email addresses to their property records and find ways to call the individuals. Finally, Morry and Marc decided to offer a product that would help both companies help their customers reach their prospects faster and easier and was established. Their new product, DialExcel now allows you to dial directly from your Excel file. So, instead of taking the data to your dialer, we bring the dialer to your data! Take and keep notes directly in your Excel file or in the DialExcel system.











































































































































































5 Best Auto Dialer Apps for 2019

Auto dialer apps automatically dial phone number lists on mobile phones so sales agents, Real Estate Agents, and field consultants can quickly make cell calls without entering phone numbers manually. We looked at a variety of autodialer apps and compared them by price, features, and ease of use to determine the top apps, including the best overall.

Top 5 Auto Dialer Apps & an Alternative for 2019

Auto Dialer App Best For
Calley (Best Overall) For entrepreneurs wanting a free, easy-to-use mobile auto dialer
Call On The Go Business needing a solution with predictive dialing for increased call efficiency
SwiftCall Companies desiring an auto dialer with robust analytics
Mojo on the Go! Agents wanting an auto dialer to help generate real estate leads
MySalesDialerPro Sales professionals needing an auto dialer that integrates with Salesforce
Desktop-based Alternatives Businesses requiring more powerful features and improved reliability compared to mobile apps

How We Evaluated Auto Dialer Apps

The best auto dialer app software should allow users to create or import calls lists and automatically dial calls on their mobile phone at the click of a button. They should be easy to use and track which calls were connected, as well as make note of which phone numbers were busy, disconnected, or answered with voicemail. Auto dialer apps should ultimately make it simple to dial and handle long lists of calls from the palm of your hand or while on the go.

Therefore, we evaluated auto dialer apps based on:

  • Price: We compared each app’s base price and any costs for additional in-app purchases.
  • Ease of use: Each app’s interface was evaluated to determine how easy and intuitive it is to use.
  • Operating platform support: We noted which mobile platforms each app was built for.
  • Call reporting: Each app was evaluated for its call reporting and call analytics features.
  • CRM integration: We looked for auto dialer apps with customer relationship management integration to automatically track calls data and enter it into the CRM system.
  • Web app costs and features: Costs and features for associated web-based apps that added extra functionality, such as call analytics, were reviewed.
  • Customer support: We assessed the customer support options available to users, including support channels like email and chat as well as hours of availability.

We recommend Calley as the best auto dialer app for its intuitive design, ease of use, free mobile app, and feature-rich paid web version. The free auto dialer mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices and contains core features such as a calling list, call pause, and a user dashboard. Here’s how the five apps we evaluated stack up when compared against each other for price, features, and customer support.

Best Overall Auto Dialer App for Small Businesses: Calley

Calley - auto dialer app

Calley is a mobile auto dialer app for iPhone and Android devices with free and paid plans from $15 per month. It features unlimited calls per day, call lists, call pause, SMS texting, team dashboards, and agent reports. Calley is best for business owners and solopreneurs wanting a free auto dialer to automatically call lists of business phone numbers on the fly.

Calley Pricing

Calley’s permanently free plan includes 50 calls per day, one calling list, a list and calling dashboard, and call pause. The $15 per month Pro plan includes unlimited calling, SMS texting, and call reports. The Teams plan is $25 per month and comes with multiple calling lists, team dashboards, and CRM integration.

Calley Tiered Features

Personal Pro Teams
Pricing Free $15/month $25/month
Calls Per Day 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Calling Lists One One Multiple per user
List/Calling Dashboard
Call Pause
SMS Texting
Today’s Calling Schedule List
Do Not Disturb Filtering
Call Analysis Reports
Team Creation & Dashboard
CRM Integration
Advanced Call Reporting
Call Distribution


Calley’s free Personal plan includes 50 calls per day and one calling list. It also features a dashboard for viewing contact lists, call history, and notes on each call. The web app allows users to upload CSV files of contacts and create call disposition templates to make notes on calls. Calley’s free plan is a good match for solo business owners, freelancers, and consultants wanting a free auto dialer app to quickly and efficiently call lists of contacts.

Calley’s free plan lacks the do not disturb and call reports of its mid-level tier. It’s also missing the unlimited calling of Call On The Go’s free plan. However, this level offers more features than the no-frills Call On The Go auto dialer app.


Calley’s Pro plan is a single-user license with more features than the Free plan. It includes unlimited calling, SMS, and a list of the scheduled calls. It also comes with a do not disturb feature and call analysis graphical reports. The Pro tier is a match for solopreneurs and consultants who need an auto dialer with more robust features than the free plan offers, such as reporting and call list tools.

The Pro plan is lacking tools for multiple teams and users like the upper-level package. However, it offers many of the same features seen with Call On The Go’s auto dialer, such as reporting and unlimited calling, but for a significantly lower price.


Calley’s Team tier adds the ability to create teams and manage teams from a single dashboard. Each user can have multiple call lists, and admins can create call distribution lists and assign calls to a single agent or multiple agents. This service plan also includes advanced reporting on agent activity, call lists, and user feedback. The Team tier is best for call centers and businesses with multiple workers making calls on Android phones.

The Teams plan lacks prerecorded messages as found in other auto dialers on our list. However, this service plan is priced lower than the app with real estate agent tools and offers more features than apps with prerecorded message functionality.

Calley - auto dialer app


What Calley Is Missing

Calley doesn’t offer features specifically designed for real estate agents, such as for sale by owner and neighborhood search tools. Real estate agents wanting an auto dialer app designed with the unique needs of their business in mind should try Mojo on the Go! instead. Businesses with workers that primarily use iPhones to make batch calls should try SwiftCall or Call On The Go instead.

What Users Think About Calley

Calley users give the auto dialer high marks for its feature-rich apps and informative call reports. Customers also say the list of upcoming calls for the day is a useful planning feature. However, some users say that the prompts to update the call notes after each call causes a delay in keeping the flow of calls moving steadily.

Where to Find Calley

Solopreneurs and teams that use Android phones to make large numbers of calls all at once should try Calley. Register for a free 15-day trial of its paid plans or sign up for a free account today. Visit Calley’s website to learn more.

Visit Calley

Best Auto Dialer App With Predictive Dialing: Call On The Go

CallOnTheGo - auto dialer app

Call On The Go is an auto dialer app for iPhone and Android smartphones. It features predictive dialing to screen for busy signals, voicemails, answering machines, fax machines, and disconnected numbers for $97 per month. Call On The Go is a good match for business owners who want the increased call efficiency a predictive dialer brings.

Call On The Go Pricing

Call On The Go’s mobile auto dialer is robustly priced at $97 per month, with a discount for customers who prepay a year of service. Call On The Go is one of the most expensive web app auto dialer companions on our list. However, some companies may feel the predictive dialer adds enough value to justify the cost.

Call On The Go Features

Call On The Go offers a limited number of core features with its mobile app, including customizable lists for grouping contacts and an auto dialer. However, the browser-based desktop app extends the service’s functionality by adding features like custom reporting, graphs, CRM integration, and batch uploading of contacts.

Call On The Go’s features include:

Mobile App

The mobile app is sufficient for people who want a no-frills solution that simply dials its way through a list of contacts with a preselected number of seconds in between calls. It doesn’t include call schedule lists or reporting as found in Calley, but those features are only available with the company’s paid service plans.

Web App

The web app offers a range of features to track calls and manage contacts. Reporting graphs include details on call statistics, such as whether a call was unanswered or went to voicemail, as well as the duration of the call, longest conversation, and the best days of the week to call. The app also includes integration tools for connecting to HubSpotGoogle CalendarZoho, and more.

Customer Support

Mobile users can access Call On The Go’s customer support directly from the app with a click-to-email button. Customer support for the web app is also available via email as well as on-screen for reporting bugs and making feature requests.

Call on the Go - auto dialer app

Call On The Go

What Call On The Go Is Missing

Call On The Go’s mobile app doesn’t offer many features beyond its auto dialer. For example, it’s missing options like SMS texting and collaboration tools. Business owners wanting those features in an auto dialer app should take a look at Calley or SwiftCall instead.

What Users Think About Call On The Go

Online reviews of Call On The Go are generally favorable. Users say the auto dialer app has increased their calling output and praise the interface for being easy to use. However, some customers report that it can be difficult to upload CSV files. There are also complaints the app frequently crashes on an iPhone X, something we also experienced while evaluating Call On The Go.

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