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How To Dial With A Triple Dialer Online With DialExcel.com

DialExcel.com is a $25 Triple phone dialer – Try it for FREE for 3 days!

DialExcel.com allows you to dial a list of phone numbers right through your excel file.

You can dial up to 3 numbers at one time and find out exactly which one of them are good after you talk to a person.

You are able to buy a phone number from Twilio for $1 a month and have the outgoing and income routed anyway you wish.

Triple Dialer!

Select up to 3 numbers to be dialed simultaneously and talk to 3x more prospects per hour than using a single line auto dialer.

Take notes!

Take and keep notes in your Excel file or type them into the Dial Excel system – either way, never lose them again!

Buy phone numbers from Twilio for $1.00 each!

Buy a number for $1.00 and pay just $0.01 per minute as you go!

Only 1 account for an unlimited number of agents!

You only need one account, for an unlimited number of agents dialing your unlimited numbers.

For any questions please email us at [email protected] or contact us at 909-315-5330.

Dialexcel.com is provided by SuccessorsData.com and Data24-7.com

Click here to start you subscription https://account.dialexcel.com/login

Learn more about us:

Morry started his business career in Real Estate over 30 years ago. He purchased, fixed, and sold hundreds of properties in Southern California. Morry has always been passionate about research and finding ways to find more solutions to complicated problems and this is when he ventured out and formed SuccessorsData.com, which offers inheritance property records to realtors and investors in 42,000 zip codes.

Morry is also the founder of EasyExcelAutomation.com, offering custom and ready made Excel VBA Tools and the co-founder of IQdial.com. IQdial.com is the result of subscribers at SuccessorsData asking Morry for faster ways to reach heirs and for prospecting tools. For years customers of Successorsdata would go to Data24-7.com, which was founded by Marc Orenberg, to append phone and email addresses to their property records and find ways to call the individuals. Finally, Morry and Marc decided to offer a product that would help both companies help their customers reach their prospects faster and easier and IQdial.com was established. Their new product, DialExcel now allows you to dial directly from your Excel file. So, instead of taking the data to your dialer, we bring the dialer to your data! Take and keep notes directly in your Excel file or in the DialExcel system.

Morry is the father of 4 children, two of which are autistic, and is involved in church ministries at Walter of Life Community Church. He is also a grandfather of 2 small boys.

For any questions please email us at [email protected] or contact us at 909-315-5330.

Dialexcel.com is provided by SuccessorsData.com and Data24-7.com












































































































Predictive Dialer Software by NICE inContact

NICE inContact helps contact centers around the world create profitable customer experiences through our powerful Personal Connection™ Dialer. Our dialer features the only no-pause dialing system in the industry, which results in significantly less hangups from your customers. Our predictive dialer software enables contact centers to operate more efficiently, increase the quality of every customer interaction, and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth.

Improve Outbound Dialing With:

  • No-Pause Dialing
  • Government Regulation Compliance
  • Intelligent Call Suppression
  • Custom Calling Campaigns
  • Higher Agent Productivity
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