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Contact Probate leads in Santa Clarita California – $25 Triple Dialer

The Ultimate Guide To TRIPLE DIALER!!


Dial right through your Excel file!

Instead of uploading your list to a dialer and risk losing any data or notes; we bring the dialer to your data!

Get started today at only $25/month.


  • Dial right through your Excel file.

  • Leave a message.

  • Use it as a caller ID.

  • Call tracker included for FREE.


Only 1 account for an unlimited number of agents!

You only need one account, for an unlimited number of agents dialing your unlimited numbers.


Triple Dialer!

Select up to 3 numbers to be dialed simultaneously and talk to 3x more prospects per hour than using a single line auto dialer.


Buy phone numbers from Twilio for $1.00 each!

Buy a number for $1.00 and pay just $0.01 per minute as you go!

Take notes!

Take and keep notes in your Excel file or type them into the Dial Excel system – either way, never lose them again!


Please call for an online demo of  at 909-315-5330.


Manage leads, contacts, sales pipeline and take action with our easy to use lead triple dialer • Import data, post data automatically from one of our preferred data. • Create calling lists, organize your data into custom groups and create custom workflows. • Manage your tasks, follow up calls and appointments using DailExcel. . DailExcel is a Powerful marketing tools to communicate with your database, nurture it and convert leads and past clients.. • Completely automate your lead and database follow up and transaction tasks using DailExcel Action Plans with follow up calls, tasks, marketing letters and drip email. High quality Real Estate and Cold-Calling leads to accelerate your listing inventory and contact rates. • Expired and off-market data updated daily with hard to find contact information, including email addresses.Reverse look up tool for appending missing contact information, single and batch processing. P• Automated multi-line power dialing up to 300 calls per hour.

Look above for the nuts and bolts of how it works. The sizzle is simple; we dial 3 dedicated copper-lines on your behalf. As soon as we detect a live connection on one of the 3 lines, we connect you instantly. There is no delay in hearing the ‘hello’ and the call quality is pristine keeping you looking professional, unlike with our competitors VoIP multi-line and predictive dialers. It is this major advantage that has made the Triple Dialer the most popular and widely used dialing platform on the market today in the Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgage industries.Dia

Realtors and Investors use – $25 Triple Line Power Dialer to reach the heirs of estates. Looking for Probate leads in Santa Clarita California . and are national provider for Probate Leads, Trust, and Inheritance Real Estate Property Records.
We believe in helping heirs to sell their inherited real estate properties easier and faster. We identify the newly inherited real estate properties within about three weeks for you to contact the heirs. This is usually about the time that the heirs contact probate attorneys to file probate proceedings.
However, not every inheritance property goes to probate!
60% Trust Sales – sold by Trustees, usually a family member.
20% Joint Tenancy – sold by a widow or widower.
20% Pre-Probate – sold through probate court proceedings.
Each year 600,000+ inheritance properties are sold through living trusts that were created by thoughtful and compassionate parents. These properties were transferred to a trust to avoid probate court, attorneys’ costs, delays, and litigation. Trustors designate a trustee to sell/transfer their properties.
To reach today for Probate or Inheritance property records in Santa Clarita California Please call us at 909-315-5330If you need More data please visit

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